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Our routes are operated by carriers you can trust. We gathered all these options in one place, so you can choose the offer that’s the best fit for you.
Mondial Relay
Relais Colis
Poste Italiane
Colis Privé
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Transparent rates
Whether you’re shipping domestically or internationally, we fit our rates to your chosen route and parcel size.
Free coverage up to
If your parcel is lost or damaged, we’ll refund its full value up to . Buy extra coverage for more valuable parcels up to .
Convenient locations
Our growing map gives you more choices for sending and collecting parcels without altering your daily routine.
No registration
Set your route and buy the shipping label for your parcel, all without creating an account.
Climate impact
Parcels routed to pick-up points create 62% lower emissions on average than home delivery.*

Shipping for any occasion

Whether you're sending gifts to your loved ones, shipping personal belongings, or selling your laptop second-hand, we can find a route for almost anything. Make sure to check our parcel size limitations and prohibited items.

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Connect to our network across Europe

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Follow your parcel’s journey from drop-off to pick-up, and stay updated on its estimated arrival.

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Whether you’re looking to solve an issue with your purchase, shipment, or tracking—our support team is here to help.

We’re finding new ways to save

Our carriers streamline their shipping routes with dedicated pick-up and drop-off points. Combining these routes into an extensive network helps cut costs, journey volume, and CO2 emissions* when compared to home delivery.
*Delivery to a pick-up point creates lower emissions than home delivery: around 80% lower in the last mile compared to home delivery, and 62% lower for the whole journey on average. This is according to the Vinted Climate Impact Report 2021, conducted by Vaayu Tech GmbH. Read more about this study.